Batya Rogoff. Heart Disease, Stroke, And Death Are Just

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Batya Rogoff Heart disease, stroke, and death are just some of the symptoms of eating unhealthy food. Eating behaviors develop during the first few years of children 's lives. Children learn what to eat by observing other eating behaviors. Eating healthy food during infancy and toddler years is extremely important because the child observes the eating behaviors of their care giver or parent. Some benefits of giving your child healthy food at a you g age are, nutrients, vitamins, and energy.Adults and parents play an important role in children eating healthy because they choose the food choices for their families or themselves. Schools also play an important role in eating healthy food because they use certain strategies like having a…show more content…
Toddlers will get more amounts of nutrients and energy if their diet is based on food from the five food groups. Giving a toddler 6-8 drinks a day increases their hydration. The best type of drink to give your child between meals is milk and water. Large quantities if juice can reduce your child 's appetite or cause loose stools. Some foods can cause harm to your child. Sugary, acidic drinks, and fruit juices can cause tooth decay if it is drunken frequently. Raw eggs or raw shellfish can cause food poisoning. Don 't give young children whole nuts because there is a risk that they might choke. “Toddlers who have parents, brothers or sisters who suffer from hay fever, asthma, eczema or food allergies should not have peanuts or peanut butter before they are three years old. Other nuts such as walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts are fine if they are chopped or ground or as a nut butter.” Parents influence children 's eating behaviors because they choose food choices for their families, serve as models, and reinforce eating patterns. Parenting practices are also influenced by the child’s traits like, age, gender, weight status, and eating behavior. It is influenced by the age because as the child gets older, their image of themselves change. Parents and children affect and react to each others eating behavior. Although the parent selects food choices for there family, the FITS study suggests that “bigger is better” when it comes to food. The portion size and energy density

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