Eating Habits Too Make Effect On Her Life Essay

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The above lines explore the Nina’s attachment to the Indian identity. Eating habits too make effect on her life. When she finds out that Ananda eats meat, she feels betrayed at this behavior, which she interprets as misrepresentation of his identity. For Nina vegetarianism is the core of her culture and believes food connects them to the memories of India. Manju Kapur has described the act of cooking and eating Indian food in the novel, which symbolizes the shared consumption of that which is Indian: Turmeric…red chilies…onions and garlic...releasing sweet sharp smells…cumin and coriander…these smells and imagined sights travelled across the world from north India to eastern Canada to kick her sharply in the stomach. (Kapur 139) The above lines depict Nina’s adherence to her Indian identity. Nina finds it difficult to cope up with the new environment, new culture and habits of the aliened land. She becomes more attached to her own land than ever she had been in India. In his essay on “The Politics of Dispossession and Exile” Satendra Nathan observes: What then is writer’s enigma of survival? Initially, it is an outrage of more horrendous fates of people elsewhere. One is dislocated from one world, but is connected to so many others. Suddenly they become closer to one 's own. The writer then tries to find new ways of being human, new ways of redefining his humanity, new ways of recognizing his inseparable humanity with others. (Nathan 20) Nina feels isolated in Canada though

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