Eating Meat, Is It Right Or Wrong?

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Eating meat, is it right or wrong? Yes or no? Good or bad? This has been an argument for many many years now especially because of how much veganism and vegetarianism has grown over the years. People who are vegan or vegetarian would tell you that eating meat is bad and thats its not right, but other people who are not vegans or vegetarian would tell you the total opposite, they’ll tell you that there's nothing wrong with eating meat and that we have been doing it for so many years why stop now. Well in this essay I will be talking about both sides of the argument,which is if eating meat is wrong or is it right. Let’s see what you think after the essay.

First off let's start by talking about why people think eating meat isn’t a big deal, and why it's ethical. One major reason why some people think it is ethical is because the fact that we have been doing it for millions of years. Humans have been around for a long time. About 2.5 millions there was a fossil recorded that was stone tools that humans used to butcher meat, also animal bones with corresponding cuts on them. Another reason is that studies show that if we weren’t consuming meat than we wouldn't had evolved the same and possibly wouldn't even exist.

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Our teeth and digestive system serve the purpose of breaking down meat and plants and to bring these very important nutrients to every single part of the human body. See, human anatomy and physiology basically make us eat both meats and plants, imagine

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