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INTRODUCTION “Strategy can be thought of as a long term plan of action or execution designed to achieve particular objectives, such as achieving competitive advantage for an organisation. It reflects the values, expectations and goals of those who are in power within the organisation.” (RDI course material-Strategic Management module; Unit 1-Nature and scope of strategic management; Lesson 1-Nature) Strategic decisions direct the company towards the path of growth. A company formulated and undertook decisions in such a way that a strategic direction was made to ensure all possible opportunities for success and keeping control of challenges alongside. Every strategic decision that is made will have an implication for change all…show more content…
✓ Designed with the highest priority as ‘usability’ Product Development ✓ Footwear for work ,leisure, and festive occasions ✓ Casual and outdoor shoes ✓ Shoes for children ,ladies and men ✓ Semi –Sport shoes for season-Spring /summer and autumn/winter ✓ Sport shoes exclusively designed for activities outdoor, walking, running and Golf shoes Market development ✓ 90 % of the production was exported to United States, Germany and Japan ✓ A majority of sales in North America through Departmental stores like Nordstrom’s and Dillard’s. ✓ New markets in Asia ,Central and Eastern Europe Diversification ✓ ECCO’s expansion into China and joining hands with AIBU to form a formal sales subsidiary ✓ Acquisition of largest tannery in Netherlands, followed by tannery and leather research centre in 2002. PEST Analysis The PEST analysis is useful in auditing the external environment that influences the operations and development of the organisation. The figure below illustrates what acronym PEST stands for: |[pic] | Figure 1.2: The PEST framework for environmental auditing (Source: rdi course material Strategic Management module; Unit –Strategic decision making ;Lesson-Analysing the business

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