Echo Defense, By Edward Abbey

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In “Echo-Defense” by Edward Abbey, the author highlights a synopsis by indicated that in the event, an individual family is at risk and threatens by an unknown person that the subject proceed to loot his or her home. Any reasonable individual has the responsibility and every right to protect his or her family by any necessary means. The writer pointed out the American wilderness is under such assault due to corporations’ greediness that are more concern about their profit than the environment. The responsibility to preserve on what we term ‘Naturel resources’ and ‘Natural world’ morally ought to be everyone obligation to preserve the wilderness for the next generation to come. As such, the lack of determination to preserve natural resources has enormously affected the environment, precisely animals and other life sources; for instance, minerals, forest, and fertile land that frequently occurs more often than not for economic gains. This is a situation that has been forgotten and ignored by public and elected officials due to profit and their reelection campaign funds. Because of corporate greediness, this issue has effected the environment and of course they are more focus on short term profit instead of the damaged that are being done and the long term impact on the environment. The wilderness is under assault and is being diminished due to lack of governmental oversight. Another example in “The Call of the Wild” poem by Gary Snyder, the author emphasizes how humankind
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