Eco/365 Week 5 Final Paper

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Running Head: Final Project University of Phoenix ECO 365 April 20, 2011 Introduction The evolution of Wal-mart from the early 1960s to the present day has set a benchmark that few can achieve. Wal-mart executives have been successful nationally as well as globally. The knowledge and expertise in economics have made Wal-mart a global giant. The research completed is the final recommendations by the members of research team C and will address questions regarding global competition and issues of the organizations ability to expand or reduce current operations. Price Wal-Mart continually advertises their prices to be substantially lower than their competitors. The truth is, most Wal-Mart items do not…show more content…
Wal-Mart excels in customer service; and the wages provided to their employees is beyond just minimum wage. “Wal-Mart’s success is the direct result of the dedication of its associates, and they reward their hard work with benefits that work for them. Their benefits include more than medical coverage and a competitive pay package: They offer associates retirement savings plans, pharmacy benefits, the opportunity to share in bonuses and valuable discounts at their stores (, n.d).” Global Competition Global competition has a direct impact on Wal-Mart. Global companies offer competition for consumer business and companies within the United States and other countries who compete with Wal-Mart. The global competition for consumer business primarily takes place in the e-commerce domain that Wal-Mart dominates. Wal-Mart offers their consumers a convenient one-stop website with all the merchandise and products offered in the store, and some that are not. The exchange is significantly sped up by the convenience and availability of the internet. The internet allows transactions to take place at a faster pace than the standard face-to-face or telephone method. Target, a major competitor of Wal-Mart, also has a Website that is reached by consumers all over the world. This added competition, especially from a competitor in the same industry, forces Wal-Mart to keep their prices low while offering

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