Eco 550 Assignment 2

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In earlier times, communities were small and intimate. Personal information was preserved in the memories of friends, family, and neighbors, and it was spread by gossip and storytelling. Today, information is spreading through massive electronic record systems and databases. Privacy become very important and growing concern in every country around the world. Modern computing technologies and the Internet have generated the capacity to collect, manipulate, and share massive quantities of data. In this paper, I will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of public access to citizens’ private data and other topics on the value of digital privacy. 1. List and describe at least three (3) technologies that allow an
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4. Discuss a federal law that grants the federal government the legal right to make private information on U.S. citizens available to the public, and whether or not you agree with this law.
Federal government regulate only certain areas, leaving it to the Internet user to avoid unwanted data collection or use and the private companies to apply protective privacy policies that are followed. It is very difficult to determine where to draw the line to prevent unwanted use and storage of consumer information and how best to protect a person’s online privacy while leaving room for freedom of speech and e-commerce for Web site owners and online advertisers.
5. Determine whether there are “electronic privacy laws” that can prevent others from having access to “private information” as well as how effective they are.
Information count private if associated with an individual. Some types of private information, such as education, employment, person’s health information, may be protected by privacy laws. Unauthorized disclosure of private information can make
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