Privacy Of The Digital Age Essay

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Gursimran Singh
Blair Hemstock
Eng. 1100
November 24, 2016
Privacy in Digital Age
The digital age provides individuals with numerous ways of innovative opportunities like recording data in an effective manner, electronic banking, online shopping, by violating privacy. Despite what might be expected, the national and global security framework needs components to check programmers and outsider interceptors, who can access delicate data and information, placed in various divisions of the financial framework. These outsider interceptors can then break-in remotely to harm or get access to passwords and usernames.
With the advent of mobile phones, iPad and other smart technology, accessing information across the web has become very easy. You can sit at home and pay your phone bills, or talk to someone from across the world. Along with these benefits, it has also become easier to get access to information that would otherwise be restricted. In recent years, debates have taken place regarding the concern of the privacy of information that is uploaded on the internet, or that is taken from it. This research paper aims at comparing the controversies that surround the concept of privacy in the digital age.

Accessing private information using computer is not very difficult these days. Many ways have been discovered to gain access to the private information of individuals, without their knowledge. One of these ways includes accessing the transaction data of individuals.

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