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When you think about the word sustainable, what comes to mind? Eco friendly, green, Earth, dirt, recycle, reuse, reduce. It is a word that is being thrown out there a lot. But, what is it really? The real dictionary definition of sustainability is: capable of being sustained, of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged. In other words, and ones you will actually understand, to be sustainable means that you take out of a system the same amount of energy as you put in, with no pollution or waste. Or quite literally the ability to sustain. For example, if you take down a tree, you must make sure to plant one or even two in its place, and you must do it by …show more content…

Just like any other sustainable company, for the ones in fashion it is nearly impossible to be truly sustainable. This is because the concept of fashion is one of change, and the process of constant change generally produce a lot of waste. Basically, this cycle is referring to the things in your closet that you only wore once and by the time you wanted to wear it again it was “out of style”, so you simply don’t wear it again and buy something that is “in style”. It’s ok, we are all guilty of this at one point. Many people have unfortunately moved more towards overconsumption and the desire to pay the least possible price for the most products.
2 You may be wondering how this whole sustainable fashion movement began. Well, many scholars believe that the sustainable fashion movement can be traced back to the 1960s and 1970s, in accord to rising concerns over the environment. This is a little scary is you think about it, because this means that people have been talking about it since the 60’s and it still, sustainability has not become a common practice in our day to day. But, designers today face problems that date back to at least the nineteenth century when machines were invented to create make textiles quickly but of poor quality. Mechanization and mass production was looked as something amazing and wonderful because it created more product in less time for less money but unfortunately it

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