Ecology And Evolution Reflection Paper

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Personal Reflection after Ecology and Evolution Being raised as an Evangelical Free Christian, evolution was considered somewhat of a dirty word. This being said, I knew that there were parts of evolution that were undeniably true. I also thought that science usually pointed towards evidence of there being a God. I was never really a Young Earth Creationist. However, I still thought that Young Earth Creationists could be right because in my opinion, God is omnipotent, and the flood could have happened further back in history than estimated. The flood then could answer why the continents look the way they do today compared to pangea, and it could also answer some other geological problems with Young Earth Creationism. Although I thought it was still possible, I thought it extremely unlikely. Instead, I thought that the Earth was created much longer ago, but that God still created creatures in their own “kinds”, and that these “kinds” diverged into even more species by natural selection. I knew evolution could change a species a little bit at a time to the point where there would be two different species, but I wasn’t sold on the whole idea that Evolution could cause a fish to become a human. However, there were two major things that started to change my mind. The first was the Harvard study with the petri dish that contained different levels of antibacterial properties. This study showed that mutations can cause a significant change in a species, and led to me thinking it
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