Ecom320 Assignment 2

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Assignment 1 Assignment 1 is worth 10% of your final grade, and should be completed after Lesson 3. This assignment has two parts: * Part A: six short-answer questions worth a total of 30 marks * Part B: three case analyses worth a total of 70 marks Part A: Short-answer Questions (30 marks total) Answer each question in one to two paragraphs. (5 marks each) 1. What are the main specific functionalities and features included in an e-commerce server (e-commerce suite)? Some of the main functionalities and features included in e-commerce servers/suites involve the ability of them to support different business models, while still maintaining complete functionality, and utilizing various tools to assist in business…show more content…
Case 1 (20 marks) Read the case Transforming Estrategy—from Clicks to Bricks in your Lesson 1 reading from Trites & Boritz (pp. 43–44 in your e-text) then answer the following questions. 1. What challenges is Amazon facing with their strategy to expand into new markets? (10 marks) 2. What is the main business model adopted by Amazon? How has this model changed since the business was created? (10 marks) Case 2 (30 marks) Read the case Google Glass: Augment My Reality in your Lesson 2 reading from Laudon & Traver (pp. 65–67 in your e-text) then answer the following questions. 1. What is augmented reality technology and how could it be used in e-commerce? Explain your answer using an example. (10 marks) 2. Search the web and find three augmented reality developments other than Google Glass. Describe them and explain what technologies these developments are based on. (5 marks) 3. What are the benefits and limitations or augmented reality? (10 marks) 4. If you are an e-commerce manager, would you adopt any of these technologies, and why? (5 marks) Case 3 (20 marks) You have been hired as the project leader to develop the e-commerce system of a large retailer specializing in offering grocery products in 20 locations across Alberta. The CEO needs to know the options available for building the e-commerce site and what technologies should be

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