Economic And Social Stability Within The United States Of America

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Statistics on prison matters are some of the known facts in the United States of America. For example, the current populations show that 1 out of every 100 citizens in America are incarcerated. Economic and social stability in law has been one of the major goals of the government in the United States of America. The population increases, there are also high chances in which the number of prisoners are likely to increase. The United States is increasingly developing strategies that would be used in ensuring the sustainability in prisons has been achieved. According to such explanations, the rehabilitative programs have been implemented as the best of alternative in restoring sustainability in prison. They represent all the efforts that are aimed at developing the prisoners in various ways in order to maximize success. Though many people view this action as an invalid strategy, I tend to agree that rehabilitative programs are the best alternatives in restoring sustainability in prisons.
The benefits of the rehabilitative programs can be pointed out to different sectors. One of the ways in which the rehabilitative programs can be strengthened is through the arguments of Bachi on the Prison-Based Animal Programs (PAP). The PAP programs are beneficial programs in which the prisoners help in adopting and training of the animals in the police department (Bachi 34). According to research this rehabilitative approach given to the prisoners does not only help in achieving success
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