Economics For A Sustainable World

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Title: Study Report of David Jones
Course code: LB5229
Course Name: Economics for a sustainable world

Due Date: January 30th - Friday of week 10 by 5:00 p.m. AEST
Weighting: 3,000 Words max.

Students Name: Diana Pineda ID #12890593, Manan raj ID# 13087370

January 30, 2015 Mr Gregory Trotman
Economics for a Sustainable World
James Cook University
Brisbane QLD 4000 Mr Gregory Trotman As requested, we has prepared an economic Study Report of David Jones analysing this company business operations and evaluating how their long-run business viability may be affected by the sustainability practice they adopt in their business operations. …show more content…

They have the finest brands in the world and are well reputed as niche retailers across Australia. Not only they are the oldest department store in Australia but also the world’s oldest department store across the world that still operates under the original trading name they begin with. (David Jones Official Website, 2014).
David Jones is very well known for the big stylish brands that they offer to its customers. It is also considered the core, the face, and the backbone of the bringing stylish products esp. when it comes to clothing to the market of Australia. (David Jones Official Website, 2014) It is home to world’s most expensive and Top Tier clothing and accessories and it has maintained its reputation as that for nearly 2 centuries now. It serves big brands such as Donna Karen, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporia Armani etc. that needs no introduction and production that generally defines a person’s standard of life and status in this modern society. (David Jones, 2012)
Generally David Jones primary customers are local customers and are located nearby city, although since Australia is a major tourist place that also impacts the sales of David Jones. A study also shows that tourists share a big part of the total customer ratio of the products that are being sold by David Jones in their retails stores. (David Jones, 2012).
The recent studies show the profit margin of David Jones has declined by 6.1% in 2012 due to the market

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