Educating Students With Effective Lessons

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Engaging Students with Effective Lessons Highly effective teachers create effective lessons that engage their students. In my construction class, I know the importance of effective lessons and preparing my students for the next chapter in their lives. Regardless of the course an educator teaches, there is a list of standards provided by the state and districts that teachers must follow. Effective teachers look at those standards and narrow them down to the power standards or what a student needs to know to be successful. In addition to the power standards, I need SMART goals, learning outcomes and learning objectives in place for my students. It is important that I use real-world applications to prepare my student for college and career readiness. I am going to design and develop an engaging lesson for my advanced students in my construction technology class. The students that make up my advanced class are all seniors in high school. Approximately 90% of the students in my advanced class will be entering the construction industry, so I need to make sure they have the entry level skills that are required by the electrical industry. The other 10% of my students will go to the military or junior college, but the skills they will learn in my class, are life skills that will benefit them forever. The lesson I will be creating for my kids will cover electrical theory, safe usage of electrical tools, and demonstrate different wiring techniques used in residential and

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