Educating Women in Kabul Essay

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Title: The efforts to educate the women in Kabul just aren’t enough. The women of Kabul have faced educational barriers, struggled in the work place, because of cultural and religions norms.

In the past few decades there had been in increase in women working to get an education. Women are looking for resources that they can reach, investing in a good education, not just for themselves, and for their futures. Women all around the world have always been placed at the end. Education is important for financial growth, yet, we don’t see equal educational opportunities everyone. Education is important all cross the board, some more developed countries are more educated then other. The women from developing countries like Afghanistan …show more content…

Women were poverty, they were sold and or giveaway. Depending on who was ruling at the time rules were changed like in 1924, tribal leaders changed the laws at one point the marriage for women in Kabul was raised to 18, and women were aloud to chose who they married for a while until the reform was forced to be changed back. In the 1950’s where Afghanistan was allied to the Soviet Union, it was essential for women to work for Afghanistan’s economical development. Women had the choice to wear veils that were choice forced upon them and women were encouraged to work outside their homes. During 1964 women were aloud to enter the government and vote. A few years later 1970, women were starting to see western customs, and attending Universities. By 1989, when the Soviet Union left, women’s rights in Afghanistan quickly left with them. Where women once had the chose to get educated, have the right to vote, and had women representing them in the government office was taking away.

First, the educational, barriers women in Kabul face. Having a stable environment is needed to be able achieve success. If people don’t have a place to learn then where will they receive the help they need. In small cities like Kabul there aren’t many schools to help get educated. The Taliban banned girls from schools between

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