Essay about Education, Academic Intelligence, and Personal Experience

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Education, Academic Intelligence, and Personal Experience

Education not only revolves around academic intellect, but also around experiences one comes across in life. It is clearly evident that all living creatures, with human beings being the highest form, have evolved throughout history up until now, solely by learning or being educated in order to survive. For example, from the moment a baby comes into the world, the infant tries to acquaint him or herself to the environment maybe by touching or by struggling to see the world ahead. Even in today’s society, social status is not depended solely upon one’s economic wealth, but also by the capacity of one’s intellect. The same rules apply when thinking in terms of learning
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Well, according to Toni Bambara, education should not solely rely on the desires to gain fortune. The story begins with the students who live in the inner cities of New York showing their ignorance and stupidity towards receiving education. They show a lack of interest in learning and basically complain about what their new teacher, Miss Moore, has in store for them. Well, it is evident that Miss Moore is a high class individual with a very strong educational background. She has a wide scope of the world outside of where she lives. On the contrary, the students have no clue on what is out there outside the world beyond their niche. Knowing what education really is, Miss Moore plans one of her classes on a field trip. She teaches her students by taking them to the “rich” part of New York . This field trip allows the students to learn that there are other types of communities outside of their own community. As the students become immersed into a world where success lies from many different forms of education, their minds become open to the reality of life, in general. It is clear that Miss Moore is testing her students to see whether or not they are tempted by material goods. And sadly enough, they do show their desires for material goods when they pass by the toy stores. But amazingly enough, Miss Moore is able to change that by allowing
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