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How it has affected teachers:
• Teachers believe that their students should not be held to the same standards as their non-disabled peers (Karvonen et al, 2013)
• Teachers are judged more on their portfolios and not on student skills and knowledge (Restroff et al., 2012)
• Assessments are time consuming and not relevant to their students’ needs.
• Teachers lack the knowledge, teaching skills, resources, and professional development needed to teach to the general education curriculum (Karvonen et al., 2013)
• Because progress on alternate assessment is tied to AYP, assessments must measure the same academics as regular assessments. Because of this, teachers are teaching to the test rather than teaching to the IEP.
• If teachers are
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Until a child is at the minimal cognitive level needed to be accurately assessed, there is no value to taking the assessment. The advantage of this screening tool is that it will not only determine eligibility to take the alternate assessments, but will also show student growth. One of the disadvantages is that it will take time and money to hire a team of trained professionals to develop the screening tool, and to train teachers to administer the screenings on a yearly basis, however it will cut back on the amount of students who take the assessments year to year which will in turn decrease the amount of teachers who need alternate assessment training.
Option 2:
Give parents the ability to opt out. Participation in alternate assessment takes away from the time a child could be spending on learning the individualized academic, social, and functional skills needed to be able to function as independently as an adult. If students with disabilities must be included in the states’ AYP, and if parents of typical children have the option to opt out their child, parents of students with significant cognitive disabilities should be given the same courtesy. An advantage to this option is that by having students with significant cognitive disabilities opt out, low assessment scores will not count towards the district’s AYP. A disadvantage of having
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