Education And Education

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People believe learning is mainly related to education and academics. That’s not completely true. We learn unconsciously every day and process every task, like walking. For me, education has always been my top priority, but what I don’t comprehend is – why is it? Most people view attending school and studying is something mandatory, but I feel differently. Studying became a huge part of me. I love learning and the notion of gaining more knowledge. It could possibly be classified as my hobby. For example, I usually spend all my spare time, and even if it’s for one assignment, indulge myself for hours a day studying in my room. I believe education and gaining knowledge is a privilege and it’s one’s responsibility to act upon it. I truly never understood why learning and education was not being taken advantage of and as a learner, I believe learning can and should be valued more, such as a hobby, instead of a chore or conflict.
Growing up, I was always shy. I didn’t socialize and I didn’t receive much attention from home or my peers. In fact, I could have chosen not to worry about my academics due to the neglect I’ve received. No one would have cared because it was my own success and not anyone else’s. But because I was shy, I also liked the idea of being isolated and keeping things to myself and learning became a useful tool and a strategic way to avoid interaction with my peers. Learning also made me understand my own metacognition. It provided me sanity and closure to what I

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