Education And Education : The Purpose Of Education

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It has been stated and understood that the purpose of education was best explained by John Dewey and was defined as transferring knowledge to young minds while preparing them for specific roles throughout society. Education must empower children and provide them with a sense of courage, inspiration, and worth. It is not simply teaching a set standard or curriculum. Teaching and learning should focus on values, attitudes, behaviors, and principles to help students learn to be unique yet commendable contributing citizens in a world filled with diversity. In order to conquer such goals, it is important to include all the variables, teachers, students, parents, curriculum, standards, and the community’s position. Without one of these vital roles, everyone will suffer and the overall goal will be that much more difficult to reach. The students, teacher, and community all take responsibilities in educating today’s children regardless of their ethnic, cultural, religious or sexual beliefs. In my classroom it is vital for students to feel comfortable, heard, and appreciated. Students will come to the classroom with a wide variety of life experiences and as the teacher, I will draw from that exposure to determine what direction works best for them to learn, as well as, build on that to promote a greater understanding of the world around them. As with Emerson’s theory, learning and understanding are connected to what they have experienced already along with what will help to develop
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