Education And Problem Posing Education

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Freire enlightens his readers into two different views of education; banking education and problem-posing education. These two approaches are on opposite ends of the educational spectrum. Banking education describes the student as a bank that the teacher is depositing knowledge into. In this form of education students are hoped to retain all the education that the teachers is presenting. Problem-posing education differs in the way that students gain information. This method is more creative and explorative. The students are not only learning from the teacher but also from each other. They are able to freely think and open their minds to different ideas. Freire discusses both of these methods in the view points of; the theory each methods supports, the student teacher relationship in each, the goals of each method, and the relationship between humans and the world. When thinking about the theory of knowledge that each type of education supports the two are very different. In banking education it is described as, “Education becomes an act of depositing, in which the students are the depositories and the teacher is the depositor” (1, 1993). In this way there is a lack of creativity and open minded thinking. The student is there to learn and in take their knowledge. In problem-posing education, “Here, no one teaches another, nor is anyone self-taught. People teach each other, mediated by the world” (6, 1993). This differs largely from banking education in that learning comes…
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