Education Funds Should Be Interdicted

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Envision a world where education is distinguished on behalf of where you live. We as privileged human beings, get the opportunity to go to school every day in a country that has already adapted to this. But think about the children who cannot go to school because they just can't pay for it. A vast majority of children that can't go to school are children living in third world countries. There are about fifty-seven million children who cannot go to school because of where they live or because of how indigent they are. There are three main reasons why education funds should be interdicted.. How funds for education can impact our modern day advancements in a negative way, why the phrase strength in numbers massively applies to the scientific and…show more content…
Firstly, the phrase “strength in numbers” heavily applies to the medical world because no one person can make remedies or find out more information without a team to work with. If the board of education can terminate all funds of admission then it will give more people opportunities to learn. In an article from the Campaign for Americas Future, Richard Eskow was quoted of stating "I believe the moment will come, perhaps very soon, when we as a society will ask ourselves: How can we deny a higher education to any young person in this country just because she or he can’t afford it?" This especially goes for the older students who attend university because most of the time, if one learns about a job that will earn them a lot of money, that person will earn more. But the only catch is, admission will cost an overwhelming amount of money. If we think ahead, giving free education will have a positive effect because…show more content…
Following dreams, is a desire of many children that just cannot happen because of where they live or maybe because they cannot afford it. Just imagine a world where everyone can live in peace. Not be scared of each other or live in terror. Making education free would make these things to happen. One may ask how? UNICEF Canada were quoted of stating, "The promotion of education is the most urgent requirement of our time. No nation can achieve prosperity unless it makes education one of its central concerns. Education brings honor, independence and freedom to a government and its people." Feeling more confident and independent can make you more stronger as a person because of the way you believe in yourself. This could immensely change many third world countries and children who live in them. This is like a progressive circle. Many people that live in fear or that live in war torn countries, probably don't go to school because it to dangerous to go outside. But this can be fixed if schools were made and education was free so children could start to understand basics and change into intelligent and confident children. Now they have a base where they can advance from to achieve their goal in life which they probably never even dreamed about before school. Imagine if that happened to all the unfortunate children in the world. Its easy to say that everyone would be happy because of what they had accomplished
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