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Over the last decade, Finland has created one of the leading school systems in the world when measuring 15-year-olds for math, reading, and science skills (Program for International Student Assessment). When compared to the United States, the overwhelming difference in intelligence of teenagers between the two countries begs to question if our learning styles work well. If the U.S. can learn and execute decisions in the Department of Education to make it similar to Finland, then public schools will excel.
Unfortunately, teachers create the largest obstacle currently stopping the U.S. from becoming like Finland because they do not obtain as much educational experience and skill. In America, public schools require teachers to gain a license
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Not having a great public school system might eventually lag us as a nation in terms of innovation and discovery. It’s important to keep education as a high priority because if it is ignored, then a large amount of the country’s population will slowly start lacking in intellectual skills. As a result, the U.S. will fall more and more behind. Statistics from PISA indicate that math performances from students consistently remained below average for the last ten years, with science and reading staying around average. The United States needs a kick start to renovate its educational fields, and soon.
One way that could create change for the better would require all teachers to obtain a master’s degree. Finland requires master’s degrees for teaching and it appears to help the students. As one can imagine, raising the bar for teachers would help students immensely, ensuring that every teacher becomes more skilled. If all teachers become more aware of effective teaching styles, child psychology, and more, they could better help every student succeed. Figuring out what to do with all current teachers that do not possess a master’s degree in education could create issues, as a shortage in teachers may appear. However, countermeasures could be implemented in order to keep this from happening. Giving any currently-employed teacher the ability to keep their jobs for at least five years would give a large enough period of time that most teachers could attend

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