Education In High School

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In high school I was a very work-oriented person, I didn’t care as much about partying and more about my school work. I was the girl that was the teacher’s pet and I would go home every night and worry about school. I loved school because I believe that we should all better ourselves through our education and I think that everyone should keep learning and keep evolving. I had a 3.98 GPA and it was something I was really proud of because it took so much of my time to keep my GPA up. I was also on the honor roll all four years of high school, I was in our towns newspaper for all straight A’s for three years, and I was on the principals list for 3 years. Even though I focused a lot on my school work, I really love being with my friends and family. I love trying to help my friends and talk with them if they are having and problems. I made so many great friends in high school and I really miss them all. Outside of class I loved being involved in my school and community. In school groups I joined were National Honor Society and Ruriteen, which I was the treasurer for Ruriteen my senior year. Outside of school I was in my communities Big Brothers Big Sisters program and I had two little sisters. I was also a cheerleader from 2nd grade to my junior year in high school. I have changed so much since my freshman year of high school and I am so proud and happy with the person I am becoming. During Freshman year of high school, I was this quite little mouse who tried to do her

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