Why I Was A Registered Nurse

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I was very popular in high school, because I was very nice and sociable and involved in lots of activates we had. I did not bully kids because I knew how it made me feel when I was younger. I joined a group called S.A.D.D and that stood for students against destructive discussions. We reached out to kids who felt alone and students who lacked the self-confidence. After I graduated my goal was to attend a community college not too far and not too close. So I chose Kirkwood. I wanted/ want to be a registered nurse. I was very determined in high school, I made sure I was on honor roll every semester! I did not have a social network because I saw all the drama it cause in school.
I have always been Bi sexual, I did have a couple of girl friends in my past. I knew I liked girls in 8th grade I thought it was just a phase. I never told my mother or father because they are both Christians and I grew up in a church. I kept it quiet for as long as I could! I was forced to tell my mother I was gay. It was my senior year and I was on the basketball team for the school. Mesha is another team mate on my team who I was dating and still currently dating. We never let our feelings distract the way we played in practice or on the court. We knew how my coach felt about Gay people so we kept our relationship a secret from her. One day after school in the lunch room, we were in study table doing homework before practice. Mesha came up to me and kissed me as she pulled away I could see my coach

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