Education Is An Important Aspect Of A Person 's Life

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Education is an important aspect of a person’s life. From the moment that they start school in kindergarten to when they graduate from college, education has played a major role in their lives. Many children are able to go to good schools and get the education that they need in order to be successful later in life. There are, however many children across the country who are not so lucky and do not or cannot attend these types of schools. The reason for this disparity in educational inequality are numerous and can include that there aren’t any good schools in the neighborhood, schools employs below average teachers, schools are located in poor neighborhoods, low income from the parents preventing these children from attending the best…show more content…
The act had mixed results over the years and people wonder if it was a success or not. In order to have a better understanding of No Child Left Behind and its legacy we need to look at several factors. These factors can include what is policy, the reason for the act being created in the first place, the people that helped create the act and help implement it, and finally the legacy that it left behind. By looking at these factors plus, others we can have a better understanding of how policy works and know how this policy affected education for future generations.
Before talking about the policy itself, we first need to look at what issues/problems it was trying to solve in the first place. A problem, according to Birkland (2016), is usually an undesirable situation that according to people and interests groups, that can be alleviated by government action. This definition of a problem seems to say that it is, a situation that no one wants to be in, and when a problem does occur, it is something that people feel can be minimized by government action. An example of the government taking action against a problem, could be with the country’s issue of gun control. Many people across the country feel that, gun violence is out of control and is a major problem that needs to be solved now rather than later. These people feel that if the government were to take the appropriate action, the amount of people that die every year due to gun violence, would be greatly

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