Education Is Taken For Granted

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Here in America, education is taken for granted. children routinely complain about going to school. They dread waking up early or doing homework, and declare their abhorrence to anything considered educational. However, to the people and characters of these books, education is invaluable. Education, among many other things, is a common theme within these memoirs and stories. In the Middle-Eastern and North-African countries, school is not so available. School is especially unavailable to certain ethnicities, races, gender, or even the general population. people in power find education threatening(Matt). This unavailability, in addition to its prohibition, directly affects Halima Bashir ,Tears of The Desert, Malala, I Am Malala, and…show more content…
Malala believes “that knowledge is power” (Matt), and, disturbed by the fact that “25 million children.. are out of school in Pakistan” (Khan), she decides it is her purpose to represent, and fight for these people. At first, the lack of education was due to ignorance. However, fear that education would take the people’s naevity, and their own influence, the Taliban did everything in their power to prevent edification (Matt) (Jamieson). When they started banning education for women and “razing hundreds of schools” (Khan), Malala dared to hold secret groups in an effort to provide knowledge for her peers. Malala spoke about women’s rights, the need for education, and the horrors of the Taliban, with outright defiance of the consequences(Lamb) (Khan) (Matt) (Jamieson). Even in the midst of Taliban terror, Malala continues to fight for peace, knowledge, and empowerment. Even after Malala nearly paying “the ultimate price: her life”, she is not afraid to speak (Lamb). There’s no one who has [lived] for centuries...our body is going to die, but the mission, and the campaign that we have, I want that to survive, and I want that to live forever. For that reason, I will continue my work. And I 'm not afraid of death. (O’Donnell) Education is a less obvious theme in Kite Runner. However, it is important nonetheless. Within this book, the restriction on education is a clear manifestation
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