Art Classes Are More Important Than We Think. Sindie Hedge.

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Art Classes Are More Important Than We Think Sindie Hedge Liberty University Abstract This paper is a critique of “Art for our Sake: School Arts Classes Matter More than Ever- But Not for the Reasons You Think,” by Ellen Winner and Lois Hetland. The main purpose of this paper is to inform people about the importance of art classes and how they can positively impact a young student’s life, it also examines why art classes are beneficial to the educational system. To have a better understanding of how these elective classes can help, researchers examined several art classes and learned that art classes teach each student a set of central skills such as reflection, self-criticism, and innovation, that is not taught in …show more content…

Summary Art in our culture today is not as appreciated as it used to be, due to the decrease in interest, many people find creative arts classes such as drawing classes, and theatre classes are not as important and are useless to the educational system. Schools all over the country have begun cutting art classes from the academic programs, assuming it will be better for the student’s sake. However, a recent poll found that eighty percent of the American people believed that creative arts classes will enhance academic performance. In addition, studies have also shown that arts programs teach a specific set of skills that are not taught in the academic curriculum. This means if the studies are true, cutting arts classes could lower students’ test scores and their overall grades. Ellen Winner and Lois Hetland, the authors of “Art for our Sake: School Art Classes Matter More than Ever-But Not for the Reasons You Think,” stated that, after visualizing different art classes in different schools, they realized that the students are not only taught the basics of art but also the willingness to learn from their mistakes, which are not taught elsewhere in schools. The students are also taught how to analyze their work and their peers work, as well. According to Winner, arts classes are important to the educational system because it teaches appreciation and self-value. It also teaches the students certain aspects of knowledge that

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