Persuasive Essay On Fine Arts

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Fine arts in schools have been debated for years. While many programs still exist, children are told that their fine arts education will not help them in school, or in life. This is false under all circumstances, as with the right teacher and motivation, a student can grow a passion for the arts. Though studies are still being conducted, there is great evidence that the fine arts are beneficial in the overall education of a student, as well as the world as a whole. Art programs should be kept in schools because of their amazing impact on the academic and personal lives of those who connect to it. The arts have been an essential part of culture since the beginning of civilization. Over time, art education paths became more normal in society, and were implemented into schools. These classes have gone through numerous budget cuts, but statistics have kept the field alive, showing improvement in core subjects is associated with a sound foundation in at least one art. The fine arts come in many forms, and each one is unique (Encyclopedia of Career and Vocational Guidance). The fine arts are defined as any combination of dance, music, theatre, drama, and visual arts that individuals enjoy at their own leisure. These programs are often offered in schools, although they have experienced many budget cuts over time. Fine arts are the first programs to be cut, and the last to be restored. It takes years to build art programs, and just seconds to destroy them (Dierkson).
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