Education Needs To Focus More On Teaching Realistic Things

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Education needs to focus more on teaching realistic things that we need going forward in life. Education in high school should get students prepared for college and life after high school. Students need to be learning things like, how to write a college paper the correct way, how to keep track of your personal fiancés, do home improvement type jobs and how to communicate effectively with others.
Students leaving high school and going to college need to know how to keep track of their personal finances. Living on your own in the real world can be scary for a lot of people because it is the first time they have keep up with their own money and take care of themselves. I think schools need classes that teach the students how to achieve these …show more content…

Going into college they do know what they are going to have to pay for and how much things cost so they do not make plan for their money, they just spend it. Making plans for your money usage and explaining what to expect for your future finances, that is what these classes would be about.
Being able to write college level English papers should be a main educational outcome for students coming out of high school and going into college. From my personal experience and from other students, English in high school is almost a joke compared to what is required in college. A lot of students like myself never had to write more than a couple papers in high school. My senior high school English class I had to write one paper the entire year and my teacher did not care about how good it was just so you did it and tried. When classes are taught like this student do not receive any input from the teachers about if they are writing the right for college. If students do not get the information from the teachers, they will never be prepared to write in college. College English is so much different than in high school. In college, the professors expect you to write the papers in a proper way and if you do not then it is wrong. The proper way in college is to have a correct format of your paper, making your paper unified and precise and basically just making your paper look more professional. In high school, from mine and others experiences,

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