Education System In The United States

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Over the past 50 years, the face of education system in the United States has changed greatly due to the changes in social values. These changes include the Civil Rights Movement, the nuclear family setting, technology, globalization, and population diversity. The Civil Rights Movement led to a court ruling, particularly, Brown vs. Board of Education, which held that separate was no longer equal. Moreover, activism for equal rights broadened to include women, senior citizens, gay people, and the disabled. As a result, schools adopted strict multiculturalism policies which permitted equal access to education for all Americans. Therefore, schools no longer allowed discrimination and in the family setting, children were taught to respect and appreciate …show more content…

The culture has changed to encompass minorities and foreign residents from a majority white system. Further, the issue of ethnocentrism does not carry much weight as before. The school system has also changed to incorporate multicultural curricula thereby fostering non-bias programs that have positively impacted the American neighborhoods and schools. Consequently, community, school, and family partnerships formed once people accepted diversity and demographic changes will continue to play a great role in shaping the education system in the United States.
Another issue that has led to social changes in both family and school is globalization. Globalization has altered students’ attitude towards education as people connect with each other globally. These connections have also influenced the culture and beliefs resulting into shifting job markets, information on different values and beliefs, as well as worldwide products. Some of the best educational associations in the U.S. have established international departments, which has increased the reach of the U.S. education

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