Education : The Purpose Of Education

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Looking at the viewpoints from different cultures around us it's easy to see not everyone has the same standpoint about education and the purpose it. stands for. Some believe that the purpose for having an education is so that you are able to work. To others education is more than just working for a degree its expanding your horizon and growing to be the best you can be. To me education is the most crucial part in one's life. Without education whether it be public, homeschool, private, etc. How are we expected to grow? There are many ways to educate someone but I do believe without school it would be impossible to motivate anyone to think about their future. Education is meant to make sure we succeed no matter what we do. It's impossible to say what would happen without education but it's easy to see most people wouldn’t even bothering setting goals and dreams without it. Education gives us motivation to seet the bar. higher and achieve the things we want. The more we learn the more we can set our minds to achieving what we want.
In primary school we are taught to read, write, and learn the basics of arithmetic. What is unspoken of is the major lessons we learn whilst being in school that aren't just lesson plans. Most children learn how to make friends, socialize, and interact with the world around them during primary school. We're taught simple manners and shown that when you accomplish what needs to be done you shall be rewarded. Now it's easy to argue that children can

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