Massive Turning Point for America was the Progressive Era

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The suffrage movement, Scopes Monkey Trial, and prohibition all had a large impact on America. Each event had a unique effect on the future and we still see the effects of these events today. Even though the woman suffrage movement began around 1848 it really didn’t gain footing until the 20th century. In the 20th century organizations like the National American Woman Suffrage association and the National Woman’s party lobbied President Woodrow Wilson to pass a constitutional amendment for woman’s rights. These efforts proved to be successful when in 1920 the 19th amendment which guaranteed women the right to vote. This was one of the largest achievements of the progressive era because it was accomplished peacefully. On March 21st, 1925 the governor of Tennessee signed the Butler Bill which banned the teaching of evolution in public schools. The bill was introduced as America was pushing for a return to fundamentalism due to the actions of many citizens. In an attempt to bring publicity to the town of Dayton, Tennessee people in the town asked John Thomas Scopes to cover evolution in his class so he can be indicted and bring the case to national attention. Scopes’ defense attorney was a man named Clarence Darrow; he was a very popular defense attorney and public speaker. Darrow delivered a powerful speech in which he tried to prove the Butler Bill unconstitutional due to the fact that it…
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