Effect Of Divorce On Children

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Effects of Divorce on Children While divorce may reduce strain on a failing marriage, it may cause damaging effects on the children. Often times parents are too concerned on the marriage to notice the effects on children. From the way parents react in front of the children to new marriages all can directly affect the daily lives, and behavior of children. Though, there are ways to mitigate some of the issues that can come with divorce, possibly avoiding some of the effects all together. Unfortunately divorce occurs all too often in America, we see it all too often. In studies today, “experts say that even with divorce rates edging down, about three-quarters of a million American children see their parents divorce each year” (Lewin). A…show more content…
Whereas teenagers can act significantly more aggressive and express their emotions in a more destructive manner. Divorce could have a bigger impact than it had been originally thought though, divorce does not have one single impact on the way people think about the future but an array of feelings, fears, and emotions. The biggest psychological impact was not usually the divorce, but the home splitting. Research has shown that children tend to struggle less with the actual divorce and more with the changing of homes, routines, and environment. It is an added stress on older children when they have been in the same school their entire life, then eventually have to part ways with it due to a divorce. Another environmental change is lacking both parents in one household. All ages are affected by this new situation, usually affecting younger ones worse due to the attachment to both parents. Although there is a positive effect in the parents splitting homes, the child tends to be the focus and receives more attention from the parent, soothing many of the separation issues. Another new situation is the adding of a new marriage, placing a stepparent into the new home. While stepparents try to have the best intentions for the child, they cannot replace the other parent. Kids may feel resentful about the newcomer causing a significant spike in aggressive behavior and actions. However, divorce is not always completely detrimental to a child and their
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