Effective Advocates For Small Business Utilization Essay

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To be effective advocates for small business utilization in DoD acquisitions, Small Business Professionals (SBPs) need to participate early in the acquisition process and throughout it, and become trusted members of the team. To accomplish this, SBPs must be knowledgeable of pre- and post-award support they can provide to the acquisition team, as well as how small businesses can help DoD meet its procurement requirements. SBPs have the greatest influence during the pre-solicitation phase of the process. The social initiative is to be recognized as trusted advisors where they understand the customer’s requirements and are knowledgeable of small business programs. As an acquisition sustainability strategy determines, SBPs should provide information on small businesses and how they might meet the requirements. Reciprocity relates to the idea that people like to return favors and pay back debts, which can lead to feeling obliged to repay an offer in some way to address discomfort with feeling indebted to someone else. Commitment is associated with the desire to follow through on something we’ve expressed interest in previously. Social proof is linked to the idea that if others are doing something we’re more likely to do it as well, particularly when feeling uncertain. Liking suggests that people are more likely to be influenced by people they like, which can come from similarity, trust, and familiarity. Authority is associated with credibility; people are more likely to

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