Effective Crime Management

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Management of Crime 12 The Management of Crime can only be Effective When the Wider Police Family is Utilized Introduction Crime is a complicated study that police forces have engaged in more in recent decades to determine the best methods for managing its occurrence. Methods of management run the gamut from old fashioned relational policing in which the officer gets to know a certain group of people intimately by walking a prescribed route through neighborhoods, to the much more modern idea of containing crime by using different technological and scientific methods. The main issue with the different modes of crime management is that they are all effective to a certain degree, but it is difficult to determine to what extent. There have been studies conducted to see what is the most effective means of minimizing crime, but the general finding is that it is largely dependent on time and location. No one method has been gauged to be completely successful, so it is difficult to know which one to use. A premise, one that is given away by the title to this paper, is that only by using the "wider police family" can crime be effectively managed. This does not mean that crime has to be contained using a family hierarchical model, but that every member and department of a police force must be utilized correctly. This may also seem to be a shotgun approach to policing, but it is far from it. A scientific method is employed to make sure that every officer is used in the
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