Effective Leadership Has Influenced The Organization 's Culture And How Does Their Influence Shape Organisations Identity And

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TITLE: To what extent effective leadership has influenced the Organisation’s Culture and how does their influence Shape the of Organisations identity and Future? INTRODUCTION: Recently, researches have shown an increased interest in understanding the factual influence that leaders could do on the organizations. Undoubtedly, leaders play a critical role in the organization that they lead. More importantly the the changing nature of the economy that needs leaders to be aware of the dynamics that are essential for managing and leading organizations in the competitive global business environment emphasizes their importance. Therefor, leaders are seemingly to play a significant important role in designing the organizations’ orientation and carrying out the changes that are needed for the organization. Through their influence, organizations tend to develop the right strategies to remain competitive and improve their workers’ competitiveness. Furthermore. leaders enhance the organization’s capacity to achieve its goals and objectives. To this extent then, leaders are obviously having a significant impact on the influencing their employees to be productive and align their goals to those of the organization. In effect, this promotes a way of doing things within an organization, which becomes the organizational with regard to investigating the impact of leaders on the organization, We have had collected some data from France by interviewing (asking questions) the

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