A Research Study Of Nestle Being The Largest And Global Food And Beverage Retailer Based

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“The stellar universe is not as difficult of comprehension as the real actions of other people”.
Marcel Proust

Management is the act of getting things done and organisations behaviour is a field of study which studies the impact that individuals, groups and structure have on behaviour within organisations.
This research report encapsulates the concepts about leadership, behavioural theories, their effectiveness. It will also discuss organisational structures and their impact and effectiveness within an organisation.
Culture shapes an organisation .the report will also include the different types of cultures and how they develop an organisation’s effectiveness.
The core of the research is the study of nestle being the largest and global food and beverage retailer based in evaluation of the decision making acts and culture of nestle has been done to see how effective they prove for nestle global.

What is Leadership?
Leadership may be considered as the process (act) of influencing the activities of an organized group in its efforts toward goal setting and goal achievement. (Stogdill, 1950: 3)
Leaders set a direction for us all by giving a vision .leaders inspire and encourage. Without leaderships a group of individuals would degenerates into argument and conflict, because we see things in different ways and lean towards different solutions. Leadership helps to point us in the same direction and harness our efforts jointly. (Mills, 2005)

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