Effective Management Of An Organization

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Effective management of an organization – large, small, or anywhere in between – is no easy feat. Whether a small nonprofit or a global conglomerate, the principles of successful management are similar: the firm must effectively organize and control basic components of staff, materials, methods, money and markets, and also provide direction, coordination, and leadership, so as to achieve the goals of the organization. Of course, larger organizations must operate on a different scale than smaller firms, but the foundations of effective managerial organization and structure remain the same. There are several different approaches to how a company chooses to organize itself, and within each a multitude of variations and facets that help…show more content…
It has since expanded operations within all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands and Guam), all ten provinces of Canada, as well as Mexico. The company is the largest in the home improvement sector, well ahead of its nearest competitor, Lowe’s. The company has enjoyed a largely positive public image and has remained on a continual trajectory towards growth and profitability since its inception. However, in early September, The Home Depot found itself making headlines for a lack of effective control measures when its credit card security was breached. On September 2nd, a reporter from Krebs on Security noticed that a trove of purported stolen data had appeared on black market sites known for selling hacked credit and debit card data. Home Depot quickly responded to the report, saying it was investigating the claims. By September 8th, Home Depot had confirmed the data breach and issued a statement offering credit monitoring to any customer who used a credit or debit card at a Home Depot store from April onward. It is true that there are certain things that cannot be planned for. Many external factors - natural disasters, economic crashes, political unrest – cannot be controlled, regardless of the strength of a company’s organizational structure. Thieves intent on accessing valuable consumer data are constantly devising ways to penetrate virtual security measures. Staying ahead of criminals has
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