Effective Teaching And Evaluation Of Teaching

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Effective Teaching and Evaluation Effective teaching requires a number of efforts combined together to reach a student. The success of the student’s learning must be evaluated and graded. “Teaching involves two potentially conflicting perspectives related to academic freedom. Teachers exercise individual academic freedom and responsibility to develop and deliver course on the basis of their professional expertise, but also teach in the context of a curriculum offered by the academic department (Landrum 9). A teacher who knows their subject matter and can assess and provide feedback to the student also provides that student with a fun and successful way to learning. The government has been meddling in the Education of …show more content…

The skill required to becoming creative adults are not being taught. Alfie Kohn has taken a strong stand against grading. In his article “From Degrading to De-Grading”, Kohn discusses three main effects of grading. Kohn writes that once a grade is attached to an assignment the perception of the student goes from learning/fun to grading/chore. He also feels that the more pressure to get an A, the less inclination for the student to accept challenges and the greater incentive to choose the easier assignment. Finally he believes that “the knowledge that a grade is attached to a learning assignment the quality of the student’s thinking was degraded” (Kohn 238,239). Although I agree with Kohn’s philosophy that there is a difference between “how motivated students are; to how students are motivated” (Kohn 241). A method for measuring how well the student is learning the subject is necessary.
A student might love working with electronics, but the reality is the student may not be good enough to follow that career path. Parents today use grading as a means to gage and access the child’s progress. Laura Owen wrote an article for that wrote, “According to leaders in the field, the true purpose of assessment is to evaluate a student’s level of understanding, and should be used to provide appropriate feedback and guidance in planning future instruction” (Owen 1). Good or bad, needed or not needed, grades play a role. Robert Marzano

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