Roles and Responsibility Essay

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Roles and Responsibilities This essay is to evaluate what your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher would be in terms of the teaching/training cycle. In order for one to completely explore the task expected from the author, it is paramount to understand the meaning of the terminology used in this essay. The author begins by giving a brief definition of “role“. According to the dictionary, role is defined as one’s part, expected function, job, duty, task, responsibility. Readers’ digest. Whilst, online dictionary, Encarta (1998-2005) claim added that, “role” is usual or expected function, characteristic or expected pattern of behaviour. On the other hand, “responsibilities” refer to accountability, that is the …show more content…

This author when on to state that, the roles of teachers’ is to act as a professional because one’s role can influence others. Wilson (2008). As a teacher, one’s role and responsibility should be towards the learners’ ability to learn and for learning to be as tailored made for the individual learner. Moreover, Francis and Gould (2009), when on further by adding that, our expectation as a teacher, trainer, assessor or tutor is checking and reporting learner’s attendance and achievement, treating all learners with fairness, equal respect, giving opportunity to get involved, encouraging all, acknowledging diversity and differentiation. Keep up to date with subject development to mention a few, which also includes current legislation such as health and safety act 1974, manual handling operation 1992, RIDDOR, sex discrimination act 1975. Furthermore, Huddleston and Unwin (2008) p85 uses diversity and change in their research. “Where will I teach” and “who will I teach“. Furthermore, that “adult teach and learn in one another’s company, they find themselves engaged in a challenging, passionate and creative activity“, and that “acts of teaching and learning - the creation and alteration of our beliefs, value, action, relationships, and social forms that result from this - are ways in which we realise our humanity”. The reason for

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