Effectiveness of Peace and Order

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Barangay as defined in the Local Government Code of 1991 is “the basic political plans, programs, projects, and activities in the community, and as a forum wherein collective views of the people may be expressed, crystallized and considered, and where disputes may be amicably settled”. To a great extent, Local Government Code of 1991 has laid out the things that a barangay is authorized to implement in the exercise of its mandate to promote the welfare of its inhabitants. All Government exist the social and economic services needed by the people such as benefits, free education, livelihood program, and most importantly, is their security and the protecting of their individual and community rights. Barangay, being
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They have the similar power and duties in leading their community. Like our Barangay Officials today, Datu also has his own Council of Elders to help him decide especially in lawmaking. The City of Manila is now composed of small barangays headed by a Punong Barangay or Chairman. In each barangay comes different kind of problems that are handled by the designated officials. The Local Government stated law and order to help Barangay to implement and promote the welfare of the citizens in the Barangay.
Peace and Order plays an important role in the community, the officials designated by the Local Government shall be responsible in coordinating and monitoring peace and order programs and projects. It is also their duty to formulate plans such as measurer as will improve or enhance peace and order and public safety in their respective areas of responsibility.
We can never control the crime rate to stop nor slow it down. It is never easy to solve these kinds of problems especially when criminals are critically getting high and being everywhere. Because of the foregoing crimes in the community especially in the barangay, the researchers would like to know the effectiveness of the Barangay Officials in maintaining Peace and Order in Barangay 542, Zone 54, District IV, Sampaloc, Manila, the programs they provide in helping their barangay and their actions in maintaining peace and order in their community.
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