Effects Of Adolescents On Young Middle Adolescents Essay

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Introduction and Need Statement As a programer, treating adolescents and addiction we have to know that this population moves through three varying time periods: early (12-14 years of age), middle (14-17 years of age), and late(17-19 years of age) (NRPA.ORG) The programmer must understand that each developmental stage has different demands. For example, younger adolescents focus on the present, whereas, older adolescents focus on developing their future(). Moreover, a study analyzed how young to middle adolescents spend their free time. On an average, young-middle adolescents have 40% of free time each week. If adolescents spent their time engaged in beneficial recreational activities, it could prevent undesirable recreational activities. Although adolescents show needs in skill development, independence, moral development, a sense of achievement, and relationship building, most of their time was not spent building those skills(NRPA.ORG). The researchers observed that adolescents spent about 10 hours sleeping, five hours at school, two and a half hours watching television, 1 hour in non-table leisure activities, and eighty-two minutes of unsupervised time (NRPA.ORG) . Moreover, Ms. Dollene McLemore of Chemical Addictions Program, Inc (CAP) reported that most adolescent that abuse drug come from unstable households. We deduced that during the eighty two minutes of unsupervised time and an unstable environment can increase the chances of drug experimentation. As a result,
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