Effects Of African Diaspora

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A Diaspora is the scattering of people away from their homelands; typically they are forced away from these lands for one reason or another. The world has witnessed many Diasporas in its time since the development of nations. The effects of the Diasporas have usually been ignored even though they continue to hurt both those directly subjugated and those who don’t even know they have been affected. Each Diaspora has created tension as well as unity within the people who are affected. The African Diaspora, for example, in the beginning caused a lot of unity by those who were forced away from their homeland. However, as the Diaspora progressed and developed many of those who were removed from their homeland began to discriminate others due to the different experiences each one have faced. Additionally, it has also caused disruption when people…show more content…
This caused by the misunderstandings of those who left against those who have lived in said place their entire life. Unfortunately the Diaspora continues even to modern day but for different reason than when it initially began. In the modern day the Diaspora has evolved from forced slavery into a different kind of forced movement whether for education, opportunity or refugee. When the African Diaspora began many of those who were being moved away from their homelands didn’t really understand what was going on. As they began to realize they were not going to be able to return to their homeland they tried to find ways to connect to their origins. This can be seen in “Domingos Alvares, African Healing and the Intellectual History of the Atlantic World” by James H. Sweet. In the novel we follow an African slave who goes by the name of Domingos Alvares who uses health and healing to connect to his ancestors. Besides using his abilities
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