Air Pollution In Texas

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Cars consist of being the number one way of travel throughout the United States. We rely on them to transport us to work, activities and necessary destinations. With this constant use of vehicles, it has had a negative impact on the environment. Although cars were invented almost a century ago to make life easier with getting around, car pollution has been our number one source of air pollution and has significantly impacted our environment due to how accessible they are. Arising problems such as air pollution, global warming, and health issues of americans, we have to come to the understanding that our environment is at risk if the amount of car pollution continues to increase.
Air pollution is a major problem in our world because it affects everything in the environment. With Texas’ largest city being Houston, where Downtown is known as the largest business area, population is massive, jobs are booming, there is no way of trying to escape trying to get out of having to drive to work, especially since most of the employees come in from all around the state. What makes this problem worse is that there are so many people who are trying to get to work that at times, there is very heavy traffic that cars will sit in for thirty to forty-five minutes in idle, which is where the problem arises because of the exhaust on the car. Houston isn’t the only city with this type of problem but it's one of the top five in the country. “These pollutants react with nitrogen oxides in the

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