Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Divorce is a great phenomenon in today's society, it is a painful and an unforgettable experience in a person's life, especially for a child. When parents get divorced its hardest on the children because they go from having two inseparable people who had marriage commitments to fulfil, to witnessing the love lost between these two people. The concern here is, is there a psychological impact of parental divorce on children? Many parents don't realize that divorce affects their child much more than it affects them. In fact, most children are quick to get affected by the outcome of the divorce. Most children react and handle the problem differently, but they all experience a sort of emotional change. To say furthermore, this research paper …show more content…

Next regarding conflict in a family, the constant fighting between the parents can make children show anger towards follow peers and they might have a negative energy. Children can also show poor academic results due to all the stress at home. Alot of times children have a difficult time gathering their emotions which makes them feel like they are all over the place therefore sometimes they can experience psychological problems. They might feel a sense of hopelessness because they have no say in what is going on in their life. (1985).
Life after a divorce could be a tough, a separation between the children and their parent's possibly a step family and a continuous tightness between divorced parents. Moreover, divorce comes along with a whole lot of legal matter, such as child custody, child support, as well as visitation. First there is joint custody with visitation, which is sharing custody with the other parent. Here you are open to make all the decisions together as well as make a strict visitation plan that is followed through by both parents, these factors which may affect the child. Next, there is shared custody this is where the child is completely split between the parents. Both parents are accountable to all the decisions and not either one of the parent is designed to have the child live under their roof. Lastly, there is sole custody with

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