Effects Of Factory Farming

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The mistreatment of animals in the United States is often overlooked as a major issue. Many Americans will often show disdain for countries that consume animals that they consider to be family, such as cats and dogs. However, most Americans do not see the hypocrisy in the maltreatment of animals that are eaten, such as cows, pigs, and chickens. While many farms try their best to provide humane conditions, there are over 465,000 factory farms in the United States, where animals are treated as nothing more than a product. Factory farming is a relatively recent agricultural practice that began around the 1950’s (Factory Farming). Factory Farming is a basic term that refers to an industrial animal production facility. There are two classifications for factory farms; “concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO),” and “animal feeding operation (AFO) (Factory Farming).” When a factory farm is created it is originally classified as an AFO but once it meets a certain size or it is classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as a “significant contributor of pollutants to waters of the United States” it upgraded to a CAFO (Factory Farming). In this essay I argue that the practice of factory farming should be prohibited because of the inhumane treatment of animals as well as the negative effects on humans and the environment. It isn’t hard to find examples of the injustice done to animals in these factory farms. In an expose by the Rolling Stones, called “In the Belly of

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