Effects Of Globalization On African Culture

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I choose culture and globalization to develop this topic. The one negative consequence I am going to focus on is the Americanization or westernization of the culture and the impact on African mores and cultures. I am basing my topic on black Africans.

Globalization has made easy access to information technology. With the new means of communication, African people can communicate; view what is going on to other parts of the world. The negative consequence of it is that, African values have been severely damaged. Moreover African cultures on food, clothing, music, language and so forth have negatively changed.


Fast food or takeaways are not part of African eating habit. They are the result of introduction of American or foreign food …show more content…

American movies are everywhere, a great number with pornographic content. This could not be imagined in Africa years ago. Pornography has destroyed the sense of morality in African youth. Consequently, the rate of virginity has significantly dropped in young girls before marriage. Ceremonies to verify virginity in girls was and still is part of culture in many part of Africa. Through movies, young ones can notice how respect to authority is less considered in the west, contrary to Africa for decades. In western countries, there are laws preventing parents, teachers to discipline (even physically but temperance of course) their kids of pupils. This led to western children to be considered by African as “stubborn”. The fact of reporting their parent to police is viewed as rebellion, yet this is being imitated.TV program and movies made young one to be less respectful.

Language With less economic opportunity in most African countries, young ones tend to focus their future in travelling to foreign or western countries for more opportunities. They know from the start that language could be a barrier. So, to make a bridge, from their schooling stage, they show more interest in learning foreign language like French, English and Portuguese while neglecting their own. It has become rare for African children born in town, to speak correctly their mother tongues. Some dialects are even disappearing. There is a saying in English: “Before learning a

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