Effects Of Manipulative Materials On Mathematics Instruction Essay

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Effects of manipulative materials in mathematics instruction. Journal for research in mathematics education, 498-505.
1. Main argument or point?
The paper argues that effectiveness in usage of manipulative learning depends on prolonged usage of concrete symbolic materials in learning and teaching across the ages in child learning process. However, the paper does not clearly outline particular manipulative learning that should be employed across the grades.
2. Structure of the argument: main sub-points and argumentation analysis?
The main sub points in this paper is to determine if there are predetermined situations where manipulative is appropriate for learning and which particular manipulatives to use and when.
3. How does this piece relate to the field?
The piece relates to the field in the sense that it outlines the trainings that teachers undergo that helps them become effective in applying use of manipulatives. It also explores how concrete (give examples from the article and talk more about it)
4. The Why is this piece important?
The piece is important since it helps in outlining if indeed the use of manipulative materials has significance on teachers performance and children learning across the grades. Various forms of manipulative learning are clearly elucidated such as pictorials and use of instructional conditions (talk more about them explain them why they important) that helps to outline the effectiveness of using manipulatives.
5. What were the main
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