Effects Of Morality In America's Youth

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Decrease of Morals in America’s Youth Children from the previous generations were always taught morals that were expected to be followed exactly. The generation’s parents after that have become more lenient with allowing their children to completely disregard the morals by simply not teaching it to them, and if they do teach them, they are not reinforced which makes it pointless after all. It is important to establish a strong connection with the adolescent to ensure a sense of trust that they will do the right thing when it comes down to it. Although it is not completely the parents’ faults, children could just not know what they are doing is morally wrong due to ignorance, their peers and social media. Adolescents’ brains are …show more content…

The opinions of others are considered very important because that is what determines whether or not they are willing to take risks to have a good time. During this time period, it becomes a habit to start to swerve in the wrong direction, making bad behavior seem normal. For example, if the adolescent’s friends wanted to partake in the illegal action of writing graffiti on a building and they invited the adolescent, it is the adolescent’s job to decide whether or not that would be a good idea, morally. As a parent, it is important to know who the child’s friends are and ask what they do on a regular basis so they do not become influenced by what is wrong. Because they are still developing, they may not understand why it is wrong or who it affects because it is still a new concept to them (Green).
It is widely known that the more recent generations are known as the “touch screen generation” because everything is virtually at the tip of one’s fingers. Adolescents become exposed to screens at very young ages, which puts their moral development at risk. This dynamic costs the adolescents important virtues like self-control, forgiveness, and a sense of humility (Morality). Having such a responsibility like upholding a social media account requires the ability to be a decent person. These morals of kindness, fairness and honesty disappear when one is hidden behind a computer screen. If it progresses far enough, bullying is

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