Is Multitasking Necessary

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Is Multitasking Necessary? Does multitasking really help people get things done? According to Alina Tugend, a columnist for the New York Times and author of “Multitasking Can Make You Lose… Um… Focus” asserts that multitasking might seem to be saving time but, multitasking is actually causing people to be stressed and less efficient (725). As a result of multitasking, people overwork their mind and cannot focus on specific tasks at hand which puts people in a position of chaos. Multitasking serves as a distraction, not allowing a person to fully engage on a particular interest. Multitasking has negative effects on students’ performance in school. Easy access too many electronic devices is causing multitasking to become more apparent and …show more content…

Students who try an accomplish all of these activities at once become overwhelmed causing less productivity and stress. A study was conducted to test and examine the effect of multitasking on academic performance. The use of the internet, talking on the phone, watching TV, and listening to music were used to determine the results. “Finally, the study indicated that using the internet, talking on the phone and watching TV while doing an academic work had detrimental effects on academic works” (“The Effect of Multitasking”). Since the conclusion of this study has negative affects a person can only assume that multitasking in a classroom setting would lead to a lower grade, possibly cheating because the student does not know the answer, and the inability to learn information adequately. A student needs to learn how to balance out daily activities to maintain a less stressful and more productive environment. Access to electronic devices is becoming more apparent and inhibiting people from accomplishing work. Today’s world has become known as the digital revolution. Almost every store a person goes into contains a display promoting a new release of technology. The most common type of technology that has been made available is the smart phone. Smart phones have enabled millions of people to not only communicate but also

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